Marta Mendonça

It’s incredible! All my expectations were exceeded!

You really captured the essence of the characters…


My mother loved the comic strip, she found it super funny!

Ana Almeida2.jpg

Ana Almeida

Wow! This is really special ❤ So so beautiful!

Thank you so much!

I’m gonna place it in my bedroom, so that I can see it everyday, when I wake up!!!!


Tiago Coelho

It’s sooooooo beautiful! I loooove it!

He loved it so much, and started crying!

Best gift ever ❤


Joey Tuyaerts

The entire family was sooooooo quiet, while i was explaining the story.


My grandmother was so amazed! Everybody is really blown away, the family loves it!

They really appreciated the fact that it’s a unique piece of art. So many memories…


Margarida Barrela

Best Gift Ever.

I can’t get enough of staring at it and showing it to everyone!


Fátima Soares

Mário loved the gift!

He says that the features and the stories are very well represented in each drawing.


This is such an original present, 5 stars! ❤


Samanta Dinis

We have such a happy birthday boy!

It must have been the gift he liked the most… ever!

Look at his giant smile =D


He cannot stop saying, “It’s so beautiful! So many details… Let’s frame it and hang it in our room!”

Thank you so much, Diana, for helping me make my man happy ❤


Samanta Dinis

OMG 😍😍😍

I love it so much!!! This is such a hard secret to keep haha

I want so bad to see my mom’s reaction!

It’s so much better than I expected, and I’m pretty ambitious!


Rosário Leal

I looooooove it!!!!

Love it like crazy!!!

I’m laughing and crying of happiness, with all these memories.

I’m sure we will all spend the night together checking every detail of this story ❤

vanda e rui.png

Vânia Veloso

I loooove it!! 😍😍

It’s really so so cool!!


My mother is gonna cry when she sees it, I’m sure!

It’s so beautiful 😍❤

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