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A piece of me

Hi! Yes, you guessed it right: my name is Diana!


I first showed up in this world in the year of 1988, somewhere near the Portuguese beach.


As you might already have noticed, I do Illustration and Animation.

But that’s not all… at all!

I also do Scriptwriting, Interior Design, Art Direction, Video Editing, I try to play the guitar, try to cook delicious vegan dishes, I love the sun and the magnificent Portuguese ocean, as much as I love to travel the whole world with a backpack on my shoulders and a notebook in my hands!


I have an old campervan, a not so old amazing boyfriend, two oldish outstanding grandmas (is 96 too old?), a huge collection of “children” books and a platonic love for yellow stuff, yellow people, yellow movies and yellow songs.


And I can’t wait to listen to your story and make beautiful drawings together ^_^ 

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