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Comic Strips

How to order a Comic Strip?

Your best friend is getting married… Your mother is turning 60!

You feel like surprising the love of your life, on the anniversary of your amazing story…

Your brother is going to be a father! And that old time friend is coming back from abroad!


No matter what you want to celebrate, can you imagine how powerful it is to offer someone’s own story on a unique and beautiful comic strip?


Let’s make a piece of art with the life story, the love story or simply A story of your beloved ones. And then, let’s surprise them with an original gift, that will last forever!

How do we do it?

It’s easy, and above all… it’s such a beautiful process!

First, choose between a 12 or a 24 squares comic strip, and let me know how you want it colored (hand or digital).

Then, gather your memories, talk to your friends, do what is necessary to write down the story that you want to deliver, and resume it to the number of squares you chose.


Next step, send me the story and I will present you some ideas of how to put that story into a comic strip, together with the suggestion of a storyline.

Once you are happy with the ideas and the storyline, I will get down to business and make the best out of your story!


And finally you get your unique comic strip, ready to surprise it’s main character!

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